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Welcome New Members

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Welcome New Members

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:24 pm

Welcome to the Green Party Women and Women By Name forum.

(This is the only section of the whole forum that anyone can view, even non GP members, so this forum section is locked. Please head to General Chat to introduce yourselves and to ask any specific questions in regards to information posted here)

This forum is for Self Identifying Women only at the moment, for members to chat, discuss, plan and engage with each other.

When registering you will have access to more discussions and posts. Please can you register with your Green Party Registered name, so we can ensure that only members are being accepted onto the forum at this time.

Please also note, until the GPW completely some initial fundraising, this site is a free hosted site, so advertisements are shown. Eventually when we pay, these will be taken down, so please bear this in mind.

Also the Terms of Service that are shown when registering an account, as the terms of the service provider, not GPW. These cannot be edited or grammar improved. Within the forum as a member, the Safe Space policy is in play and people should be considerate when posting to ensure people are not offended by your comments. Posts deemed as offensive will be deleted by moderators and persistent offensive posters will be warned and removed from this forum. (We do however understand members are at different levels of understanding on different issues, so this will be taken on a case by case basis)

We hope you enjoy using the discussion forums and any suggestions for improvement can be posted inside.

Thank you for your time and understanding

Green Party Women Co-chairs.


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Re: Welcome New Members

Post  Sahra Taylor on Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:48 pm

Please also note that this forum is a work in progress - we welcome feedback and constructive criticism Smile
Sahra Taylor

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